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Ham radio notes, papers and documentation

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Articles and notes:

FT1000MP related:

Antenna related:

Experiments & Measurements: Manuals, Articles, etc.

Checking & Setting the FT1000MP Reference oscillator

Notes on my 80-40 dual Band dipole

Measurements --Common Mode Chokes made with type 31 material TR4W Main Window and Hot Keys

Temperature Stabilizing the FT1000MP REF Oscillator

Compact 80m wire loop-CQ July 1994



Doing the Key Click Mod (W8JI Version) pictures & notes

Noise Notes (including pictures) July 24- RF Choke measurements


FT1000MP S-meter curves for IF Gain = 10,11,12   How to estimate RF Choke impedance  
    Choke Balun Experiments HP 8405A Schematics {9 MB}
      Cushcraft XM240 Manual
    MFJ-259B Test Point voltages -estimated values for correctly operating units. HP 8405A Application Notes
FT1000MP Heil headphone modification


DuneStar 600 Band pass filter measurements 

W3NQN Bandpass Filters

May-June 1998 QST

    ICE 419B Band pass Filter measurements

W3NQN RX Bandpass Filters

Jule-Aug 1999 QEX

  Mysterious 160 meter noise Effect of band pass filter on K9AY signals

W7IUV Preamp

    Measurements of K9AY control box filter/preamp

Variable Gain Preamp for 160m-80m (Ham Radio Oct 1989)

{ This is the same preamp found in the 'Front End Saver' series of products. }

  Tower Replacement   KD9SV Front End Saver -73mag Feb 97
      Comb Generator - Ham Radio July 1988
      TR Log 6.79 Manual -scaled
  HyTower Leg Insulator Failure   TH5 Manual
      TH7DX Manual
      KT34XA Manual
      Cushcraft 40-2CD Manual

HP 8405A Operating and Service Manual {20 MB}







Pictures: (not available yet)

MN Tower Top

Ham radio related Pictures